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About Andrea

We all have a story. Here’s mine


When I was 16, an intuitive wizard who ran a shop in Glastonbury, UK took one step back and said ‘Wow. Healer-communicator.’ He kept nodding slowly while his eyes scanned my energy field. To be honest, it freaked me out a little. But since that day I’ve dedicated my life to both those paths, first as a conscious communications consultant, shaping messages, writing books and speaking from stages around the world. More recently as a healer, changing course in my 30s to become a Reiki Master, clinical hypnotherapist and one of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life coaches.

Only now am I confident enough to combine the two, to come out as a fully-fledged healer-communicator using the healing power of words. By fine-tuning conscious communication with your intuitive self in four key areas of your life - health, work, money and relationships – I can help you reclaim your joy and natural energy so you can attract positive experiences.