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About Andrea

We all have a story. Here’s mine


There are 2 key ingredients

for success…

The inner story we’re telling ourselves and the outer story we’re living out loud. When both fall out of alignment, it can affect how we feel because our energy field is actually off-balance. Miracles happen when we restore integrity by harmonizing one with the other.

Thanks for dropping by. This page should really be called About You because that’s where my real interest sits. People’s stories are fascinating. So much originality, creative passion and pure joy waits inside us, hoping for permission to emerge. Yet often we tiptoe, suspecting we’re not enough, that someone will notice we’ve been faking it all along.

The good news is, most of us feel like this even if we don’t show it. The bad news is… well there is no bad news – unless you decide that’s the story you want to tell yourself. Everything is an opportunity for growth and self-actualization. Sometimes it takes a setback in circumstances to reset our perspective, but most often it’s a quiet offbeat feeling that something isn’t quite right with our world when our health, finances or relationships start to suffer. If that sounds familiar and you’re ready to emerge, book a free session.

Here’s the official bit:

I am an experienced story shaper, Hay House author, clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. If you’re seeking a new definition of success in your life, I can help you rewrite your inner script, express yourself authentically and live the life you were born to lead.

I passionately believe in my motto ‘Change Your Words; Change Your World’ and my viral YouTube video ‘The Power of Words’ has opened the hearts and minds of over 30 million people. I live in Scotland and Basel, Switzerland and divide my time between writing, coaching, championing Heart Based Medicine and delivering powerful online training courses.