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Harness the Power of Words

3 daily word-habits for peace and prosperity

Words create worlds. How?


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When I was 16, an intuitive wizard who ran a shop in Glastonbury, UK took one step back and said ‘Wow. Healer-communicator.’ He kept nodding slowly while his eyes scanned my energy field. To be honest, it freaked me out a little. But since that day I’ve dedicated my life to both those paths, first as a conscious communications consultant, shaping messages, writing books and speaking from stages around the world. More recently as a healer, changing course in my 30s to become a Reiki Master, clinical hypnotherapist and one of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life coaches.

Only now am I confident enough to combine the two, to come out as a fully-fledged healer-communicator using the healing power of words. By fine-tuning conscious communication with your intuitive self in four key areas of your life – health, work, money and relationships – I can help you reclaim your joy and natural energy so you can attract positive experiences.

Power of Words Book (1.48s)
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A few kind words

How can I serve you?

I guess that depends on what you need the most.

If your health is troubling you, or something in life just feels ‘off’, you could schedule a free body scan. In a 15-minute chat I can usually help you identify the underlying issues contributing to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbance in your body, using conscious communication and energy attunement.

If you want to truly transform your state and raise your vibration, you can book in for a 3-session deep healing intensive and a monthly body balancer to keep everything in-tune. All these sessions can happen online via Zoom.

And if you’re a creative, having trouble birthing your next project or book, you’ll find me with Eva Andrea Ditlefsen at The Magical Writer’s Tribe where you can get group coaching or personal tuition in birthing your next ‘soul child’.

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THE GIFT: Wealth, Wonder and Wellbeing

Your words and the intentions behind them are two of the tools of creation. This 5-week Masterclass and free book remind you of your connection to Infinite Intelligence and reveal how to magnetize your heart’s desire.

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My Book

Change Your Words, Change Your World

‘A great reminder that what we think creates the life we live.’  – Marianne Williamson

From attracting wealth and fulfilling relationships, to finding your true purpose and serving the world, this book helps you view yourself and others with kindness while creating the life you were born to enjoy. In this heart-warming story of transformation, Andrea Gardner shares the ups and downs of her journey from the brink of bankruptcy to prosperity, from dis-ease to vibrant health, using the medicine of words.

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Your Coach

‘Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.’ – William Shakespeare

Decisions to change our lives are often made in the moment and can be swiftly forgotten. With solid support and heartfelt step by step encouragement, together we can make sure that your dreams thrive in the daylight.

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Book a free body-scan, find out more about hiring me as a coach, or sign up to receive 5 daily word-habits for peace and prosperity.

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