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33 Dates with Delight

by Andrea Gardner

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Is it just me or does it feel like we’re ready to switch the narrative? I took a decision in January 2022 to shift my attention away from fear-laden world news and focus instead on delighting myself and others. I called this new project ’33 Dates with Delight.’ Total lifesaver.

When my friends and family started to ask how I was managing to stay so peaceful and free, it made me smile because the answer was so simple – and available to everyone. And when the conversation led to ’33 Dates with Delight’ their faces lit up as they began to see possibilities for themselves which had been sleeping inside them for years.

Within weeks, the sproutlings of new beginnings started to appear. We were planning joyful journeys together and friends were dusting off their bucket lists and arranging solo experiences they’d always dreamed of. Excitement grew. I would get spontaneous, hushed, giggly phone calls asking if I wanted to try out the seesaw in the swing park when the kids were at school. Harry Potter tours, cream teas, Zanzibar holidays, Santiago pilgrimages, camping trips, girls weekends and spa days began to decorate my calendar. And free delights like reading a novel in a hammock at midday and dipping chocolate in my tea became the secret thrill of the everyday.

The best part was when I prioritized delight, EVERYTHING eased up in my life. I can honestly say I feel younger, happier and healthier than ever because the possibilities expand our energy and vitality! They’re the medicine for the fear and doubt we’ve been experiencing, even if initially they might seem frivolous and a little bit self-indulgent.

So I’m utterly delighted that you found your way here! Your taster for starting to live your most delightful life should arrive in your inbox as soon as you sign up. Try out this journaling process for 3 days and email me with your story. I’m curious to know what transforms for you.

You deserve the very best today and always, my friend!

With love and gratitude,

Andrea ❤️

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