Words are just the forms we use to express our feelings and thoughts but what do they really mean, what hidden powers do they hold for our lives, our health, our dreams, our relationships and our sense of who we are in the world?

From an early age our words and how we use them shape who we are and who we become. From our playground interactions to our boardroom bravado, we are constantly telling ourselves internal stories, clothing our experiences in words. If the words we use are negative, destructive and come from a place of perceived hurt, damage or fear, the world we inhabit may come to resemble a prison of our own imagination.

Learning to think and speak of ourselves and others with kindness, compassion and integrity enriches and transforms our life experiences, bringing us happiness and a deep realisation of who we truly are.

Andrea Gardner is a talented writer and complementary health practitioner who has worked in newspapers, run her own businesses, delivered ‘Heal Your Life’ courses and workshops around the UK and produced online content for blue chip clients all over the world. Her clear no-nonsense approach tells a deeply personal and insightful story of one woman’s ten-year quest to discover the power of her own words.

We follow her along a path that starts with the collapse of her business, her dreams and her health. Rather than take refuge in thoughts of defeat, Andrea embraces her reality with a bag full of questions and a burning desire to understand how she can transform her world. The story charts her transition from ill-health to wellbeing and from near-bankruptcy to living in a castle and running a successful business and international charity.

This book will delight and inform anybody who is seeking to make sense of who they are, what it is they are here to do and how they can make a difference. The gentle suggestions and examples offered provide a rich source of inspiration and clear guidance on how changing your words can literally change your world.

5-Star Reviews:

‘guide to unleashing the latent power of the mind’

‘packed with spiritual wisdom grounded in everyday reality’

‘I keep it to hand and refer back to it regularly’

‘this book brilliantly bridges the gap between being thoughtful and entertaining’

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