My Story

Working from the kitchen table

Ten years ago I was facing bankruptcy and burn-out. My husband and I had lost our home, our savings and much of our self-worth due to a failed business venture. My health was in tatters. A huge fibroid made me look seven months pregnant (tough because I couldn’t have children and everyone was asking when the baby was due!) and it was a struggle to get out of bed every morning. We were living off handouts and charity in a single freezing cold room of a damp cottage, not knowing where our next meal was coming from.

One crisp autumn day while I was collecting firewood in the woods, a thought prompted me to sit with my back against a mossy tree trunk and write out my life story, exactly how I wanted it to look. I’d been reading Louise Hay’s inspirational book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ so I decided to write my story using some of her techniques.

A month later we were living in a romantic Scottish castle, pursuing new careers and I was following a cherished lifelong dream of writing a book. Since then I’ve launched a successful international business, cured my health problems, secured a publishing deal with Hay House for my book ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’ and created one of YouTube’s most popular videos of all time with over 20 million views.

I now have fun helping my coaching clients to tell themselves a better story and transform their lives and businesses, as well as writing and speaking all over the world.

When you’re ready to change your thinking and embrace the life you were born to lead, or if you’d like me to host a talk or ‘Wordshop’ in your city or workplace, let’s work together.

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